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  1. Unfortunately, mostly every single track that was circulating has leaked. The likelihood of getting anything else is very slim
  2. Not sure. Do you have a link to it?
  3. I have more Bonnie but only if someone has unreleased Cassie songs that I don't have... Enjoy! Right Now - https://onlyfiles.io/f/629a583bc9f3432e8b2e4bb57dc33385 Everything But You (Final) (features more mastered vocals and additional production) - https://onlyfiles.io/f/2020d131928347c089223fff300fb0ca
  4. I’ll upload them later tonight. I also have a Bonnie song called “All Yours” that’s really catchy if anyone has anything by Cassie 😛
  5. That song in the video is not Wicked
  6. As someone mentions a few other times in this thread, there are two Right Now's and as far as I know, no one has the Dr. Luke version
  7. As well as a song called "Wicked"
  8. If someone leaks Last Call Lover I'll leak Right Now and Everything But You (Final)
  9. This reply explains itself 🤣 Whew. You know what….it was a full moon last night. Maybe that had something to do with this. 🌚
  10. Exactly. Grounds for a legal case would require her to prove a monetary loss. People HAVING the songs privately doesn’t result in a monetary loss per se. Leaking them publicly as he has definitely does however…so anyway, I’m done. This thread was dead for a few months before he revived it for attention at the songs he had obtained 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hopefully mods take that into consideration.
  11. The mods of PHF would be smart to treat this as a Joan situation and ban him.
  12. Leaving this here for those with doubts lol. I said my piece without name calling, just saying 😂
  13. Whoever traded you these songs is a fool…not because of the music but because of their lack of awareness that you were going to make this an unbelievably massive drama and attention seeking ploy for yourself. You love drama, you thrive on it. It may be what runs through your veins instead of blood. If a situation doesn’t have drama, you have been notorious for creating it. You are not special. You’re just another gay guy that managed to get some unreleased music by Bonnie McKee but like 6 months after the rest of us 😅 “Let me check with the leaker to see if it’s okay first!” That’s like asking
  14. Look I’m in no way advocating the hate you’ve gotten here in the past but some self reflection will help you understand that you bring some of this on yourself. Some of us have had these songs for many months now lol. You are not special in any way just because you are choosing to leak them.
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