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  1. i feel like we're done with epic leaks On the other hand can we appreciate how good her 2011-2012 leaks are? literally a pop perfections. I Dare You sounds like a total smash. Rules of Attraction is also a masterpiece
  2. Mine is Electric Heaven (title), Hot City, Don’t Get Mad (Get Famous), SLAY, Waking Up Diagonal, Sexin U, IWFCU, JGAB, SGGH, Everything But U and Rewind Your Heart. Forever 21, Right Now and Hit Me Up will join the main album one day. I also have b-side album with Love You To Pieces, My So-Called Life, Outlaw, Hitman, Unlock Your Love, Trash Television and Sabotage. These last two are not epic sessions but I had no idea where to put them
  3. Just realised how actually good is Stay Lonely, Get Paid. This and East Side Boy would be a good direction for her (after dropping Epic album, which won't happen).
  4. Wait really? Idk why but I put it on my 2017-2019 EP. Organising Bonnie's unreleased music is bad for people with OCD lmao
  5. who has Tough Enough in a good quality?
  6. It may be a reach but... wasn't some songs from Aphrodite originally for Britney? @tropicalian u actually into something!
  7. Praying for the leak one day, i stan them both so it wouldn’t matter who would sing this. I can totally see Bonnie songwriting on Aphrodite or Kiss Me Once
  8. She worked with Kylie in 2016, nothing of it was released sadly. + I just found this tweet from 2009
  9. I wish her demos for Kylie Minogue from 2016 will leak one day
  10. Exactly my thoughts. It somehow feels like Femme Fatale demo for me.
  11. The fact she didn’t wrote it is confusing. But it really sounds like her and fits 2010-2012 unreleased album alongside songs like Earthquake and demos for Britney.
  12. there's also another guy vocals in the demo. I checked Priscilla and she sounds way different.
  13. What do we know about 22nd Century? is this Bonnie demo even legit? because she isn't credited as a writer on Kelis song
  14. Am i the only one that is obsessed with Hasta La Vista? It sounds so good with headphones
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