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  1. So can we finally get the final of Slay? 🙏 I know it's out there 🔎
  2. Here you go, losers. https://onlyfiles.io/f/1644edac4a26426ab09e06ea33247f00
  3. Does Carly have any pet dogs acting as her legal team that I need to worry about though? Answer me that final question & I'll leak it.
  4. As long as Carly isn't planning on releasing it! Lol. Does anyone even have any info about this demo? Is it pretty much gonna be scrapped?
  5. Hello fellow BonBons 🤠 I know it's not Bonnie, but I can throw out Carly Rae's demo of When I'm Alone to quench your thirst for a couple of days? I have an insane amount of unleaked Bonnie stuff at this point, tbh this track is pretty worthless.
  6. check messages! :)

  7. *Googles* ...nah, I'm gonna stick with Olly. I'm also living for Kesha's media training being completely thrown out of the window, as she speaks about him in this interview 😂 :
  8. Yeah.. she went through of phase of white guys with afros. During her Yard Sale era, she was also briefly with a guy called Travis Laurendine (@sugabush504 on Insta).. consider him a Walmart Benny Blanco. He's actually in the Yard Sale video too. I know he has experience in directing, so he definitely hooked her up with some good contacts around that time and probably deserves 80% credit for that video.... obviously he's been kicked to the kerb and unfollowed now. To sway topic back onto Bonnie, I'd always considered Oliver Goldstein her long-term boyfriend and collaborator. Who's this (K
  9. Not forgetting, the exact same thing happened between Neon & Benny Blanco... 🤦🏻‍♂️ Ladies (and gents), can we just clarify that the dick sucking MUST coincide with however long you've tied yourself into the contract for. These women are selling themselves for a mere record deal or to work with top producers and then expecting fame, fortune and miracles overnight, as they ride off into the distance 🙄 Please be about your business shit and get your head out of the clouds. Also, if you (as an adult) willingly chose to use sexuality to get your foot in the door, you can't later decide to
  10. The next person to ask if any of the Evil McQueen/LVCRFT stuff is new, is getting executed 💀 Simple as.
  11. 'Kiss Kiss' is also circulating
  12. Nope.. that is her Evil McQueen Halloween project (already up on iTunes)
  13. Hope we get some more Bonnie this weekend 🤲
  14. I see 'Lovebird' on there too, which I assume is the one recorded by Leona Lewis 🙏 If it's Bonnie's demo vocals and well mixed/mastered, it'd make a great B-side to the Stars in Your Heart single 🌌
  15. Hopefully not... I feel like Lea's version lacked the vulnerability that Bonnie's more "stripped down" demo version had.
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