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  1. The song she was using in the video is from the musical Rent.
  2. I like that. We needs a nice cover to go with it.
  3. There’s an album worth of demos pitched for Femme Fatale. We should narrow them down, so it can get things organized.
  4. LMFAO fuck both of you @tropicalian @bearsbummer Here is Mess Around for the rest https://onlyfiles.io/f/54520b52e528402aa15d2e234aa5afc4
  5. Ok I’m gonna stop posting online to make @tropicalianhappy. It was fun talking about Bonnie with you guys, but I’m done. 👋
  6. @Ashley OODid I ever interact with you?
  7. And I said I didn’t wanna trade with you anymore in March, and we both agreed to move on. Why are you attacking me again today? Leave me the fuck alone.
  8. I don’t see you telling me to vault Last Call Lover. Besides the person that wanted it didn’t get it from me. It got leaked by someone else, probably you, after I gave you money. Why are you still mad? I haven’t spoken to you in months and you’re still being an asshole.
  9. Now post a screenshot of you telling me to vault the songs. Also prove that I leaked them. I’ll be waiting. You said you won’t be fighting anymore and now you’re back to being a bitch months later for no reason. I hope you get banned.
  10. The person that gave me the songs told me to do whatever the fuck I want with them, you piece of shit. Continue making fake snippets to scam people tho. ❤️
  11. LMAO are you talking about yourself? You should get banned for spreading everything like wildfire.
  12. Lbr, she was only posting frequently on TikTok and replying to comments about music coming to distract us from the leaks.
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