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  1. Listening to this just really shows how this track had so much potential but again they went and fucked her vocals on the released version. Like do we even know why? 🥲
  2. See you in Electric Heaven! 😇
  3. I play the Lonely for you Club remix when I do cardio, it's such a perfect remix for that 😍
  4. You did it again! Thanks for sharing! 😁
  5. My hero! Thank you so so much! 😁
  6. You're the best! Thanks for sharing! 😁
  7. I'd love to see her pull a Kim Pettras 😍
  8. I knew it sounded familiar! Thanks! 😗
  9. Not from the Epic era... but first time I'm hearing it... is this new? https://dbree.org/v/561fba
  10. It can't leak, people are still sellin it... gotta get the money back before it leaks.. 🥲
  11. Sounds amazing! What song is that? 👀
  12. At this rate, the Epic album might be a posthumous release 😅
  13. Can't believe she just turned 38! 😳
  14. Where? I got the money if that's all that's missing for us to get this bop 😜😝
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