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  1. KillNanaXO

    Lana Del Rey - Young Like Me / Rock Me Stable EP

    "IN wendy"????? .... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  2. KillNanaXO

    Porcelain Black / Porcelain and the Tramps

    Yep! But at least Neon is DOIN SOMETHING! Maybe Porcelain should release an EP....that could do wonders AND OMG MARIO LOPES IS IN A NIP/TUCK EPISODE XD
  3. KillNanaXO

    Natalia Kills

    Aahahahha thank GOD, I thought I was the only one who found it ridonkulous! XD Remember the Ashley Breathe / Britney Spears thing? XD hilarioussss XD
  4. KillNanaXO

    Kenyan Woman Suffers After Using Weave

    I'll just let my fucking hair grow out once the bleach is gone XD done with wigs!! hahahah I do have a clip on tail though XD hahaha and I still love that one
  5. KillNanaXO

    Giant Squid Caught Near Japan

    Leave any (wild) animal alone for that matter! ^_^
  6. KillNanaXO

    Lana & Florence at 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere

    I love Lana, but she should STOP WITH THE BOTOX!
  7. I agree! She should look like this more often, in stead of being all coo-coo. Love this!
  8. KillNanaXO

    Britney Goes Brunette!

    I actually really liked this color on her. I think it's the cut in these photos that's putting me off :S Her forehead is NOT working out for her XD
  9. She reminds me of my teacher YUK
  10. KillNanaXO

    Porcelain Black / Porcelain and the Tramps

    Haha I totally agree! I remember on Best Ink they designed an album cover for her XD THAT WAS IN 2012 ! DAFUQ DUDE! hahah it's Neon ALL OVER AGAIN XD
  11. KillNanaXO

    Natalia Kills

    Uhhh guys, "Runnin'" was just demo for her, sung in by someone else.... Btw, I think "Take It All" is one of her best songs from the old days... love it
  12. KillNanaXO

    Porcelain Black / Porcelain and the Tramps

    OMG that hair was AWESOME! I actually love her. I get why you guys say what you say, her being obnoxious n sht, but I love her. When I watch videos of her backstage, I like her craziness. Kinda like Neon, but without the charm I guess haha I would LOVE to have all these songs though tried to look for them a while ago but no luck, only the songs that are on YouTube... Mannequin Factory and Pretty Little Psycho are on my phone obviously XD haha those songs are the shizzayy
  13. KillNanaXO

    Lana Del Rey retiring from music?

    OK first of all, I haven't read everyone's comments, so - sorry if I say anything someone else has already said... Lana shouldn't be discouraged when her songs leak. No artist should. Like someone said (ok, I read a few comments) it would be awesome to have both demos and final versions. Happened with Natalia, happened with Britney, happened with Charli. Just because people know the songs already, doesn't mean the album won't be good. I'm a Lil Eddie fan and when he released his debut album, at least half of it was old. It didn't matter, because now I finally had the final HQ versions of the songs, and the new songs were perfect, and made up for the fact I'd been listening to those old songs for over 2 years. When you love music, when you love to make music, it shouldn't matter whether your songs have been leaked, or whether people have already heard it. Are you not in this business because you LOVE music, not because you want to be successful (yes, I know it's important but still, not the most important thing). Now, as for LANA - I think she's just insecure and only wants to put out PERFECTION. Which is impossible anyways.
  14. KillNanaXO

    A delusional fan claims Gaga copied Morning Musume

    First of all, I can't believe I just wasted 3 fucking minutes! XD And honostly, the whole Applause choreography thing just cracked me up XD I'm not a fan of Gaga, but those Asians... Fans are funny
  15. This oblivious little bitch never was and never will be relevant. Her words are shit and she clearly has NO idea wtf she's talking about. "I understand the Jewish people went through some shit too, but hey guess what?? SO DID THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WHO SUFFERED IN EVERY SINGLE WAR THST TOOK PLACE! You were NOT the only ones! So please, if the rest of us can forgive and forget maybe it

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