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    The Saturdays Tease Us With More Demo's!

    The Saturdays

    The Saturdays have been teasing us recently with plenty of snippets, demo's and singles from the upcoming album The Chase! We decided to compile all the songs into one big megapost for you guys to enjoy. Have fun!

    7. 'Not Giving Up On Love (LQ) (Snippet)'

    'Not Giving Up On Love', sometimes referred to as 'Eyes Wide Open', is a song whose recording was documented during the girl's reality TV show, Chasing The Saturdays. Produced by Carl Ryden (David Guetta, Lolene), the song is a typical Sats affair, with euphoric production, a danceable beat and somewhat melancholy lyrics. We're not sure about this one yet, but judging from the snippet it could just turn out to be a huge hit!

    6. 'Gentleman (LQ) (Snippet)'

    Another song we only have a snippet of, 'Gentleman' was again recorded for the camera's. We caught a glimpse of the girl's in the studio with Priscilla Renea (Madonna, Rihanna), on a recent episode prior to the song supposedly being announced as the second single. According to DigitalSpy, the song has been announced as the sophomore single from the group's upcoming American debut - however, with no official announcement from the girl's management yet, we can hold out hope that this is just a rumour. While we've only heard a demo version, we definitely think The Sats have a lot more to offer with this one!

    5. 'You Don't Have The Right (Shontelle Demo)'

    'You Don't Have The Right' was originally confirmed in a Tweet by the rather charming Diane Warren, whose penned hits for the likes of Beyoncé ('I Was Here') and Nicole Scherzinger ('Trust Me I Lie'). While we have yet to hear the girl's final version, a very rought demo of the song featuring Barbadian singer Shontelle leaked recently. We like what we hear with this one!

    4. 'Turn Myself In'

    This might not technically be a brand new song. Hell, it might not even be technically confirmed for the album. First appearing as a b-side on the '30 Days' single, 'Turn Myself In', co-written by the girl's themselves, has since become something of a fan favourite. We can definitely see this as album material, although we don't think it would do all that well on the dance-infused radio right now.

    3. 'Somebody Else's Life (Acoustic)'

    'Somebody Else's Life' was first heard as the opening theme to Chasing the Saturdays, and since then it's become pretty highly anticipated. Always the group to stir the pot, the Sats then decided to release an acoustic version of the song as the b-side to 'What About Us'. All signs point to this being the second single from the album, and we're pretty happy with that!

    2. '30 Days'

    '30 Days' was originally released last year as the first single off the group's then untitled upcoming album. Written by Autumn Rowe, the song sounds kind of like a leftover for the On Your Radar album, with dark, blaring synths and unified vocals by the girls. While the song's inclusion on the album is undetermined, we can definitely see this as an album track - even if we don't necessarily want it released as a worldwide single!

    1. 'What About Us'

    And here we are! 'What About Us', aka the official song of the summer, is the second official single from the album and by far the best song we've heard so far. With some pretty killer vocals, the catchiest hook we've heard all year and a pointless rent-a-rapper who adds simply nothing to the track (Sean Paul), we simply don't see how this couldn't become a hit. It's fate!

    What do you think of The Saturdays new album? Do you like what you hear so far? Let us know over at our forums!

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