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    Sony Hacking Saga Continues: Spider-Man The Next Victim


    The never-ending Sony hacking saga has continued today, with even more leaks from the studio’s internal emails being made public – and, this time, everyone’s favourite superhero creators Marvel are getting dragged into the mix.

    Sony and Marvel first cemented their partnership earlier this year, when the companies announced that they would work together to bring a new iteration of Spider-Man out swinging into the world. Now, a portion of the email that Sony sent to Marvel listing the requirements and restrictions placed on their best-known superhero has been revealed – and it turns out that Sony isn’t as progressive as we might like it to be.

    The leaks reveal two sets of ultimatums that Sony placed on Marvel. The first is that Spider-Man (who has been adopted by many alter-egos, such as Peter Parker and Miles Morales) must be male, harmless (not torturing or killing unless in defense), drugless (that’s checking alcohol off too), sexless (at least until the age of 16) and “not a homosexual“.

    When it comes to Peter Parker, he must be white, straight and middle class; have Aunt May and Uncle Ben fill in for his absent parents and be a master costume designer (but only when it comes to blue and red materials – no black, please).

    While it’s been confirmed that the upcoming Spider-Man costume will indeed be filled by Peter Parker, Marvel honcho Kevin Feige hasn’t ruled out allowing Morales (who is significant as the first half-African American, half-Hispanic Spider-Man out there) his own day in the sun a little further down the line. However, with the upcoming introduction of Parker into several of Marvel’s planned blockbuster films, it seems unlikely this will happen soon.

    What do you think? Should Sony make way for a more diverse Spiderman? Or should they focus instead on adapting already diverse superheroes, such as Black Panther, for the screen? Let us know below!

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