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    Ke$ha is 'Dancing With the Devil' in Her New Leak!


    A new leak from pop princess Ke$ha has appeared online! 'Dancing With the Devil' was a song originally written for the Warrior album, but was later taken off due to a dispute between Ke$ha, her mother Pebe and Dr. Luke.

    As we all know, Warrior took longer than expected to come out - and there is a reason for this. PopHatesFags can exclusively reveal that an entire album's worth of material was recorded before being scrapped by Dr. Luke.

    Ke$ha originally wrote an album's worth of songs with her mother Pebe Sebert. However, when Dr. Luke signed on as executive producer of the project, he scrapped the majority of Pebe's songs as he didn't like her writing.

    This lead to the formation of a new song, written by Ke$ha and Pebe - 'Dancing With the Devil'.

    "I keep on dancing with the devil", Ke$ha sings. "I sold my soul and there ain't no turning back. I keep on dancing with the devil".

    However, it becomes clear who the song's target is when Ke$ha croons: "He's got my mind, he's got my soul. Mama, he won't let me go!"

    The song was deliberately written as a "diss track" of sorts towards Dr. Luke.

    A few months after the album wrapped up, Pebe sent the song (along with a few other of her co-writes) to a select few "superfans" of her daughter, instructing them to spread them around as much as they can so that everyone can hear tidbits of the original incarnation of the Warrior album.

    This isn't the first time Dr. Luke has been seen in a less than complimentary light. Nicki Minaj scrapped the single release of 'Va Va Voom' after her disagreements with the producer, and relegated his tracks on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded to a bonus CD. Marina & The Diamonds was forced by her label to release his productions as singles after he charged a huge amount for working on them.

    What do you think of the song? Are you surprised to hear about disagreements between Ke$ha's family and her colleagues? Let us know below!

    Download: Ke$ha - 'Dancing With the Devil'

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