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  • Darwin Martinez
    Darwin Martinez

    Jessica Sutta Returns With "Again"


    *Look at that fierce bitch in the studio, advertising some chiiiips*

    Jessica Sutta is best known as being one of the mutes from The Pussycat Dolls. After leaving from that sinking ship, she has had a somewhat good career in the House genre. She has returned with her new amazing single "Again" featuring some person named Kemal Golden. All i know is that this song is amazing and Nicole Flop-Not-Really-a-Singer is probably slashing her wrists wishing she had released this gem instead.

    "Once again, invincible" is how she chose to start off the song and it could not have been better. It's such a diss at Nicole and every other flop bitch in the business. "Again" is your typical House single, synths here, synths there, drums here, drums there. But underneath that and the autotune lies a massive tune.

    Maybe the fact that we all know this beat and the vocal arrangement already, maybe that's what's working for this song. Because sonically, it's nothing new. It's generic at best, but so fierce, honey it's so fierce. Somehow whoever produced this is a genius because he / she found the exact line before this song became annoying and dated. Somehow, I've also played this song non-stop for about half an hour now.

    "And then you do it again, because you need to feed the sensation" Behind the House beats is a very sad song. If you pay attention, they are actually not bad at all. I have to give it to her. Yeah, it's repetitive, but, it is catchy and it actually has some sort of meaning and it's not some song about dancing around stupid. We are all gonna end up dancing around stupid at the club so why sing about it? "Never, never the same" Girl, preach to me, preach to me!

    On a different note, this is my first blog post and today is my birthday! Thank you for reading!

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