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    Bonnie McKee and Skylar Grey Go Head to Head This Year

    Bonnie McKee & Skylar Grey

    Two of pop's brightest young rising stars are both set to go head to head this year, with both Bonnie McKee and Skylar Grey preparing their albums for release this year. Both McKee and Grey are famed for penning some of the biggest hits in recent years, with the former working extensively on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album and the latter penning 'Love the Way You Lie' for Eminem and Rihanna. While Bonnie's album is gearing up for a summer release, Skylar promises that hers, which is currently in the mixing process, will be reaching our iTunes a lot sooner.

    "“I am putting out an album this summer on Epic," Bonnie revealed at this year's pre-Grammy's party. She confirmed that she would be working with "all kinds of people” on her new music, including “Greg Kurstin, Dr. Luke, Katy Perry - and several people from the Teddybears,” before alluding to some high-profile collaborations. She furthermore confirmed two music videos that will premiere in March, followed by a nationwide tour to support the album. Bonnie is letting the public in on her road to success with her Idolator-sponsored web-series, 'Popstar In Training'.

    Meanwhile, on the other end of the pop spectrum, Skylar Grey is prepping her album Don't Look Down for release "sooner rather than later". "I'm excited because I finally love my album," she told Billboard. "I liked it a lot, but there was something missing -- so I took an extra year to finish it. I'm so glad I did, some of my favorite songs on the album were written just in the past few months." With Eminem stepping in as executive producer on the album, an urban edge was to be expected, but Grey claims "it's got a lot of hip-hop beats, but it's not hip-hop". Don't Look Down is currently being mixed and is in final stages of production.

    This begs the question: is there room enough for both girls in the music industry this year? While they both have vastly different styles, both musically and aesthetically, both are at pretty much the same point in their careers and definitely have a lot to offer. Whose album will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I personally love both women, but in my opinion Bonnie is way ahead of Skylar in terms of what makes a hit, but Skylar has had at least some publicity. On the other hand Skylar has been pushing back her album for years now and has already lost most of the buzz that an artist needs to get anywhere. Bonnie hasn't got much buzz around her yet, but there is still time for her. I think both women are ridiculously talented, but Bonnie outshines Skylar in terms of credibility and image - Bonnie also had that killer voice.

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    Completely agree! To me it seems like a lot more people know who Skylar his, probably from the Eminem and Diddy collabs. But on the other hand Bonnie is a lot more radio-friendly and I can see the public loving her music. It will be interesting to see who does better!

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