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Jem - Beachwood Canyon

Album Releases

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  Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro"   Jem Griffiths Jem 0:39
2. "Beachwood Canyon"   Jem Griffiths Jem 3:47
3. "So Gold"   Jem Griffiths Jem 4:13
4. "My Love"   Jem Griffiths Jem 3:19
5. "Momma"   Jem Griffiths Jem 3:42
6. "Don't Look Back"   Jem Griffiths, Mark Plati Jem 3:15
7. "I Sit up in My Window"   Jem Griffiths Jem 4;28
8. "Tell It to My Heart"   Jem Griffiths Jem 3:26
9. "The Adventures of Cupid and Pack"   Jem Griffiths, Paul Herman Jem 3:43
10 "Hold On"   Jem Griffiths Jem 5:03

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