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Nine Muses Prepare to Launch Comeback and Sub-Unit "Nine Muses A" This Year


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Depression sux and I haven’t been on top of shilling my ultras lately, but I’ve finally gotten around to recapping this out-of-the-blue news from a couple weeks back. On March 21, it was reported via press release that, of all things, Nine Muses is preparing to mount a comeback. This is their first activity since releasing their disbandment single “Remember” in February 2019. At the time, they were down to just four members.

Despite this, they are reportedly coming back, and soon at that…

  • 9M will make a comeback later this year, with new music slated July-August. The exact lineup of is not clear, but logically, it will probably be similar to the 2015-16 one.
  • But before that, they will apparently be launching a sub-unit, called Nine Muses A, consisting of Hyemi, Sojin, Keumjo, and Kyung Li. They could release an album as soon as May.

What’s the consensus on this, y’all? I don’t really know what to think, personally. On one hand, hearing anything resembling the 2016 lineup again is difficult to resist- “Hurt Locker” was a mega-bop to end them all, and we all know it. That said, at least to me, 9M will never be the same without the Queen herself, who I doubt anyone bothered to invite (not that she would, or should, do it anyway). Not eager to support the pathetic company that is Star Empire, but if I can sail the seven seas, I’m probably not physically capable of resisting checking out at least that all-star sub-unit lineup...

Well, in more important news, stream Vertical by Ryu Sera, featuring the iconic masterpiece “Burger ate Pizza”! :mo:

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