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Pop girls rEmiXeD!!


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I’ve been getting a little tired of the same old songs lately and got bored so I actually just made a big playlist and compiled my favorite pop girls available remixes into it and it actually is… kinda fire. it’s like hearing my main playlist I usually listen to but different. here’s a link if you want to listen! right now it has all of the remixes of katy perry, kesha, lady gaga, miley cyrus, selena gomez, demi lovato, britney spears, kelly clarkson, and taylor swift. let me know if i should add more female artists remixes to it! make sure you listen to it on shuffle! 

the playlist is right here, it might take like 10 seconds to load for some reason…

updated link- 2023


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As a long term fan of pop girls and someone who (over the years) has had many transcendent experiences where a remix has transformed my experience of a song (to the point where the remix becomes essential & the radio mix becomes a never played alternative/ the version for everyone else) - I just want to express support and am heartened to recognize a few of my own ‘go to’/ reliable remixers from the past on your playlist, (enough to make me curious about checking out the others).


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