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NKOTB unreleased songs?


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So far as I know there’s 4 unreleased songs on YouTube, first we got a unreleased collab with NKOTB and new edition. Idk when the song was recorded but going by the interviews NKOTB had where someone asks ‘will you make a song with NE’ Donnie responded ‘maybe’, this could possibly mean the song was recorded somewhere in 1989 or early 1990, however people have commented hearing more than 2 groups then just NKOTB X NE. Second we got ‘Honey Dontcha Leave Me Tonight’, it’s sort of a unreleased song considering it was played on the radio ‘Z100’ around before the Step by step album got released. A few people have said they heard the song being played only once. Third we got ‘Something in the way’ this was a song that was meant for Face The Music but got leaked out a few years ago sadly the song is only 1 Minute but it does however fade out meaning the full song is out there somewhere. Last we got ‘All The Time’ apparently the song was found on a website full of NKOTB fans and had said Joey being the lead vocals, this is also a unreleased song which was meant for FTM, the audio quality is bad but worth a listen. To this day these are the only known unreleased songs by NKOTB. I’ve also found a website full of audio tapes which has the titles of each rare tape, it looks legit considering the unreleased songs are in it and some titles obviously being songs such as ‘Teenage Love’. It would be nice if these tapes are heard more to the public. So yea that’s all. You can find the 4 tracks easily on YouTube 


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