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Made Up Tour Thread

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The made up album thread is one of our most popular in the Jukebox section, so I thought why not make a made up tour thread? :wink: 

I'll start!




Lady Gaga: The Chromatica Ball Tour (2020)


The Chromatica Ball is postponed until after coronavirus, but slowly starts rolling around across different continents as they open up.

Each act begins with a video interlude which uses a remixed form of it's title song. 'Disco Heaven' features Gaga on a spaceship and landing on the planet of Chromatica. In 'Retro Dance Freak' she explores the planet and meets the locals who live there. In 'Electric Chapel' she is baptised to join their religion, but in 'Heavy Metal Lover' she discovers corruption in the church. In 'Monster', she takes down the leader and takes control of the church. The encore features Gaga back on Chromatica in the pink garb she used to promote the album.

Act 1: Disco Heaven
1. Born This Way
2. Free Woman/Monster Medley
3. Just Dance
4. Rain On Me

Act 2: Retro Dance Freak
5. Babylon
6. Enigma
7. Applause
8. 911/Telephone Medley

Act 3: Electric Chapel
9. Marry the Night/1000 Doves Medley
10. The Cure
11. So Happy I Could Die
12. Million Reasons (Andrelli Remix)

Act 4: Heavy Metal Lover
13. Perfect Illusion
14. Aura/Judas Medley
15. Shallow
16. I’ll Never Love Again

Act 5: Monster
17. Alice
18. Poker Face
19. Dance In The Dark/Schieße/Swine Medley
20. Sine From Above

Encore: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
21. Stupid Love
22. Bad Romance



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