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Carly Hennessy/Carly Smithson/We Are The Fallen

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Just wondering of any of you guys know about Carly Hennessy/Carly Smithson, aka lead singer of We Are The Fallen? It sounds like one of our favourite stories of a girl who has flop after flop but never gives up...

She released her debut album Ultimate High in 2001 with a bunch of collabs from the great team of Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois and a budget of $2 million. The album failed to garner any momentum, possibly due to it's release a few months after 9/11. After it flopped, she was dropped by her record label.

She then appeared on season seven of American Idol, where she made it to the top six before being eliminated.

She started working on more solo material after Idol...

But this was scrapped when she became part of Evanescence tribute band We Are The Fallen, being hand-picked by previous Evanescence mastermind Ben Moody. They were dropped from their label in 2011.

Since then Carly has made a few more AI-related appearances but I haven't heard anything about her making more solo material.

So what do we think of her girlies? I can imagine her having a lot of fans on here given how much early 2000s talk there's been lately! I'm really into 'I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind' atm so I'm interested to check out more of her early stuff.

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