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I'm in need of help, in any way possible.

I'm going to try and explain this as simple as I can, so you can understand what's going on.

I discovered I had a degenerative tooth decay disease in 2012, and was advised to get dentures. My insurnace through my father was about to run out, so I didn't (I would have been missing teeth but not able to complete everything). It's always been a bad thing for me, constant pain, constant headaches, all the way to me being energy-less every day, due to the poison in my blood stream.

I was finally able to get a job, a local Taco Bell, in 2015, and was trying to save for the dental expensiveness as well as a car. Shortly after getting hired (It was a brand new store) during training, my father promised to take his tax return so I could finally get them pulled and my dentures. I went, got 5 pulled on the bottom right side, and that was it. The insurance I had would only cover up to 1k, so that was all we could do. I distinctly remember the dentist talking about how much better i'd feel, more energy, less pain, etc, until he looked at my xray again and blatantly said 'once your antibiotics run out, it'll be back to normal'. At the time I had 7 abscessed teeth still in my mouth, as well as a wisdom tooth that had such a long root, it was almost cutting my jaw nerve in half.

I sucked it up and just dealt with it from there on. I couldn't afford insurance through Taco Bell, so I just didn't have any. I decided I could live with it until after I got my first car (26 at this point). I got a car, and then made some poor life choices. I got back with an ex, and moved in with him since it was closer to work. I ended up losing my job due to being late and sick, the following week I caught him cheating, he kicked me out and I totaled my car leaving his house (he lived on a mountain, and I was upset and made a mistake), but that's not the problem now. I could care less in all honesty.

For the past year i've been unemployed, I became a hermit. Recently, in August, I had some health issues act up again. I suffer from a panic and anxiety disorder, and used to have Panic and PAT attacks often. They just randomly started up again, and I legit went to the ER like 4 times in 2 weeks, panicking thinking I was having a heart attack. I found out I have high bloodpressure, was put on meds for it, sleeping meds (since I began obsessing over any chest pain/tightness, thinking it was a heart attack, or expecting to die in my sleep), some meds for my GERD as well. 

Since then, i've been living like that, constantly in fear, anxious, and just scared. It wasn't until I started seeing a new doctor and the local clinic, that I found out the severity of my teeth situation. They are causing, not the main cause however, of my high blood pressure, the cause of me having no energy, always feeling shitty, the whole thing. Part is in fact my anxiety, but this is affecting me in a really bad way health wise now. I was informed that I could end up with heart disease, or even have a heart attack from them being so bad, which scared me even more.

I tried applying for GAP to help with medical expenses, but I was denied. So i'm still unemployed, and only able to see the clinic dr, which is a 20$ copay. The GAP wouldn't have covered my dental problems anyway.

**Here is the problem:**

I have been having the worst pain in one of my front teeth for a few days, I mean unbearable. I'm used to living with the normal pain, but this feels like someone taking a needle to the nerve of that tooth, giving me horrible head and sinus pains, as well as other things. I need to get them pulled as soon as I can, but cannot. There are no jobs in this town (I live in a redneck town in SW VA), so I was just screwed, until I spoke with one of my old managers at Taco Bell, who is becoming the RGM of the store. She was and is a good friend of mine, so I just mentioned i'd love to come back, and now, i'l lbe going back this week, or when i'm ready she said. This is a blessing but also a problem. A blessing because it'll get me out of the house, to be sociable again, have a life, and make money towards getting my life back together. The problem is there is no way I can work like this, with this constant pain, and all the other side effects like tired 24/7, and the lot. I haven't been able to eat in two days, all I can do is drink things, and smoke. (Which is another issue, but I was advised to not quit until my medicines are working or I get my anxiety under control)

I'm posting this asking for help. I don't mean to sound pathetic or pitiful. I'd soon rather do it all myself, but I cannot. I want to work, but I can't like this.

So, here I am. I don't ask you do much, unless you'd like to help reach my goal. If nothing else I ask for moral support. If I can reach any bit of my goal, which is a rough estimate, I have an idea of how I am going to do it.

If I can raise the money, if, I plan on going to an emergency dental clinic in town on asap, to get at LEAST my top teeth pulled, but if I can, all of them, and paying for my dentures to be made. Not only will that eliminate the bad pain, it'll be a step for me to get healthy again, before it's too late. This place does dentistry for a 'discounted' price for people with no income, but I can't even afford that. I would get as much as I could done for the price I have as my goal, if not it completely taken care of and feel healthy enough to be able to work full time, while I save for the rest. It will also help me in a mental way, i've always been self conscious of my teeth, and being able to not worry about that would help my state of mind. I would tell my RGM that I am ready once I was healed, at least a week to do so, so I can begin to feel like a normal person and adult again, and work towards getting the rest of my life back on track.

I know it's asking a lot, and i'm sure a lot don't give a damn about it, but I just thought i'd try in anyway I could to get this done so I can try to live a healthy, normal life at some point. And I know it seems pathetic, but it's my only option as of this moment.

Thank you for reading, and I truly appreciate it and anything you can do to help, even just moral support.
If you have even 1$ to spare, there's a donation banner on my Twitch. Everything goes for me to see the emergency dentist on Monday.
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