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Little Mix - America Debut EP (Fan Made)


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So not so long ago I made up this EP for Little Mix, I got inspired when I saw the band The Wanted made one when they tried to break america (when they were a thing) and also The Saturdays too. And we all know that Little Mix haven't exactly broke into America yet, yeah they're known but not well known. So like what if they did this, would they have gotten more popular maybe? I don't know but I liked the idea of it so I made one.


I also made one without the sticker


The EP has 9 tracks and those 9 are:

1. Wings

2. DNA

3. Change Your Life (Single Mix)

4. Always Be Together

5. How Ya Doin'? (feat. Missy Elliott)

6. Going Nowhere

7. DNA (Unplugged)

8. Wings (Acoustic)

9. We Are Young (Fun. Acoustic Cover)


I added tracks like Always Be Together and Going Nowhere because those are like the most popular non-single tracks from the album 'DNA' and I know for sure the girls sang Going Nowhere acoustic for radio stations in the US back in 2013 when they first originally tried to break in America.

This was just something fun I did a while back and wanted to share it. 

here's the link to download if you like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByXuzdUmrpQ0dHJYeURDOTBRNFk/view?usp=sharing

It's not like it's new tracks or anything but yeah, if you downloaded ENJOY!!!

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