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Follow-up to "Team".


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I listened to a rumour (and I hope it is only a rumour) that Iggy Azalea cancelled her second studio album "Digital Distortion" and was quitting from music industry. Did she do that? I haven't found reliable information, but I really wished it doesn't happen, I like Iggy enough for not wishing she goes out of music yet. Still, I'm waiting for the follow-up single for "Team", and if the rumours are true, I wish the next single is the collaboration with Tinashe.

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I doubt it's true, I think she's just reworking the tracks with some different producers and changing the sound up a little bit. Which means that she's now working on the third version of this album after she scrapped everything she recorded last year. :stretcher: I didn't know she had another Tinashe collab coming up tho, that should be hot!

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