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Skylar Grey talks new LP

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One of my favorite singers and songwriters Skylar Grey just gave a great interview to Idolator, she revealed a lot about upcoming album, you should defo check this out :D



Is “Moving Mountains” reflective of your new album?
No. “Moving Mountains” is the one ear-break on the album that doesn’t have drums. 


But, everything else has a very cohesive thread going through it. It’s got these hip-hop beats. I’ve done a lot of vocal layering, which, some of that has been inspired by Bon Iver. And, I guess that’s it, pretty much.


Which producers have you worked with on the album?
The majority of the album was produced by Mike Elizondo and Mark Batson. I’ve been working with them since I went to Detroit and worked with them and Eminem in studio. 


Alex Da Kid has a song or two and then Jayson DeZuzio. He did some stuff on my first album, too, my first Skylar Grey album. Oh, and I produced one of the songs.


So “Moving Mountains” is just a buzz track to set the mood?
Yeah, “Moving Mountains” I wanted to put out before the snow melted and I started putting out all the beat stuff because it is such a transition. I put out “Cannonball” and that has a silkier feel to it. And, “Moving Mountains” kind of fit with that. But the next single’s going to be more of a good representation of the album.


 I think my next song I put out is probably going to be another buzz single and then hopefully by the time I put out an official single there will be a lot more buzz about the album. Already there. 

Full inteview HERE


You can buy all her stuffs her



Check out her latest collab



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