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Paul Walker's Daughter Attempts to Sue Porsche

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Paul Walker's daughter is going to have a fight on her hands with her wrongful death lawsuit, because Porsche has now fired back, saying Paul's death was his own fault. 

Porsche has filed an answer to Meadow Walker's suit, saying Paul was "a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of the 2005 Carrera GT." The car company does not elaborate, but they are saying Paul should not have allowed or participated in a high-speed ride under the conditions that existed. 

Porsche also takes issue with allegations that the car's design was defective. The car company says "the subject 2005 Carrera GT was abused and altered ..." The company added the car was "misused and improperly maintained." 

Porsche makes various claims, some of which if proven would foreclose any recovery of money, but the company also suggests there might be "comparative fault" ... meaning Paul was partly to blame and any damages awarded should be reduced accordingly.


This is someone who was in a car that was driving at over double the speed limit at 100 miles per hour. Good on the daughter for trying to get her cash, but this lawsuit is ridiculous and I have no sympathy or sadness for someone who was clearly enjoying the adrenaline. :morning: 

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