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Prismatic World Tour


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This thread should have been started ages ago, but I'm creating it now.

Talk about everything PWT here  :tan:

I went, I had an amazing time but the security led us the wrong way to the Reflection Section and all the good spots were taken. We ended up where the stage gets higher and I'm very short so it was really hard to see, but I saw quite a bit. I think I was too shocked about actually seeing her in the flesh in front of me and I was trying too much to get noticed that I forgot to enjoy it. I wish I could go again  :'( But these two girls even tried lifting me up because I was dressed in the outfit Katy wears during TIHWD and International Smile (I think, I forget :'( :'( :'() but they lifted me up during It Takes Two and Katy had her back towards us (we were inside the prism) and then one of the security guards told the girls to put me down.

I also want to share this, I actually found it on Lana Boards. I had no idea this had happened!


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