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Iggy Azalea Steals Terminology From Bizaare Demi Lovato Story

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A few weeks ago, someone posted a horror story about meeting Demi Lovato and getting treated horribly by her idol. According to the fan, Lovato called her "fatty," spoke whale to her (?) and "flicked my vagina."

The full tale -- posted on Twitlonger -- is bizarre, hilarious and obviously fake. But fake has never stopped a story from going viral, and now Iggy Azalea is shining a big light on the insane Lovato story on Twitter.

But before we get to Iggy, here's the gist of the fan's fake Lovato story.

"[Lovato] was rude, not classy and she lost a long time lovatic that day. I walked into the $350 M&G [meet and greet] and say hello she replies with 'fat' and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking 'you saved my life' I say 'you're the reason I'm alive today.' She looks me dead in the eye and says 'you'll die soon enough fatty' and then whispered 'obesity.'''

I love that "Lovato" adds "obesity" after calling the fan fat twice, as if there were a need to clarify the insult.

"I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said 'are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now' and she flicked my vagina."

Then, according to the story, "Lovato" started being a total Moby Dick to her.

"I headed out of the M&G section and that's when Demi started speaking whale to me. I still can't believe this happened."

Anyone familiar with the Internet's affection for celebrity hoaxes (many of which exist not to defame the celebrity but just to tell a strange tale) can safely assume this is a fake. But there's something about the author's earnest tone mixed with the bizarre claims (what does speaking whale even mean?!) that makes this especially unforgettable. The story went sort-of viral, and shortly after, another installment in this whale of a tale hit the Internet.

A (clearly photoshopped) image shows "Lovato" and the fan arguing over Twitter DM, with the pop star demanding that the fan remove the unflattering story. Only not in those exact words. The fake Lovato simply tells the fan, "Delete it fat."

After making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter, Iggy Azalea caught wind of the story and apparently became obsessed with it, saying the phrases "delete it fat" and "vagina flick" are now part of her daily dialogue.


i can't lie "delete it fat" and "vagina flick" are now parts of my official vocab.

I'm crying at the story tbh. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

"You'll die soon enough, fatty."

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