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Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. (Music Video) (Mo's Edit)

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So a while ago I started making this remake of the 'G.U.Y.' video which I never ended up finishing because Dayf wouldn't help me with the Minecraft scenes tbh.

:vacuum: I managed to finish it, even though it's shit, so I thought I'd upload it to share with you guys! :magic:

Here's a list of the changes I made:

The 'ARTPOP' opening is now entirely instrumental.

All scenes featuring that faggot Andy Cohen have been removed.

There's now an extended bridge which features a remix of 'G.U.Y.' and is set in the Minecraft world, with cameos from PetGa. This part of the video kept freezing when I was making it, so the timing's a bit off. I also couldn't figure out how to make my own Gaga Minecraft videos like I wanted to so I just ripped random ones from YouTube, which is why it looks pretty cheap. :stretcher:

The credits have been entirely removed.

There is now the diegetic sound of wind towards the end of the video.

The video now ends on a shot of Gaga instead of the men she's created.

I hope you guys enjoy! :mo:


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