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Drugs Seized from Justin Biebers Tour Bus

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A bus associated with Justin Bieber's tour was stopped last night at the border between Michigan and Canada ... and authorities seized both marijuana and drug paraphernalia, law enforcement tells TMZ.

Chief Customs and Border Protection Officer Ken Hammond tells us, the bus was stopped at the Ambassador Bridge -- which separates Windsor, Canada and Detroit -- after a drug-sniffing dog detected the presence of weed on board.

Hammond says a subsequent search of the bus revealed marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Justin was NOT on the bus in question.

We're told the drugs and paraphernalia were seized and the driver was issued a citation. The driver and passengers were subsequently released without further incident.

The Ambassador Bridge checkpoint is beginning to develop a reputation for itself -- Rihanna's tour bus was pulled over for the same reason back in March.


The ever sinning Justin Bieber. Satan has really got to him. Repent.  :vacuum:

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He makes me sick. His fans should start a charity that people can donate spit to and then watch him be covered in it on a daily basis. :morning:

Also, lol at this:

In January this year the Beauty And A Beat singer was photographed with a suspicious-looking cigarette while hanging out with friends at a party in California. He made a comment about his actions while in character (as himself) during an appearance on the US TV show, Saturday Night Live where he said,
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