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Ryan Murphy talks about the future of "Glee"

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How did you decide what to do with the show?

Once you're faced with this situation, which is devastating…There's really no way to win in this situation, I feel like, so our position was, do we go off the air permanently? Do we go off the air until November? Do we start shooting again in January? But the thing that we ultimately found that our cast and crew wanted to be together, they wanted to go back to work, they wanted to sort of be in a place where they could all remember and discuss Cory sooner than later. As for me, I really had no set opinion. I was willing to do what people wanted.

What is the plan for the first few episodes back?

We had two episodes that we finished writing in May that were our Beatles tributes that we we've been working on for four years, so those were already done. With some slight modifications, we decided, 'OK, let's shoot these. Let's get people back and then let's take the time to write and deal with a tribute to Cory,' which I guess we're going to do for episode three and then after that episode airs, we're going to go off the air for awhile and take a little hiatus and figure out what is the future of the show. But for now, we just decided to do is continue on working for the next month so people could really deal with this and not feel isolated and alone. That's something Lea felt strongly about and she really is the one making those decisions. We followed her lead.

Do you know what a tribute to Cory will look like and did you have to rewrite anything in those first two episodes back?

We didn't have to rewrite anything yet, but we haven't even started doing that because the first thing we're trying to do is a memorial for Cory this week. We've really been putting our energies towards that and reaching out to people, seeing what they want to do. We're not making any creative decisions or touching any scripts until after that happens. The physical thing about all of it is that Cory and I spoke, we took him to rehab and he left rehab and he wanted to do his own thing and as much as you protest when somebody is in that situation, he's a grown man and you can't control him. But we had had a conversation when he was craving to be sober, or at least on the mend, and that was in April and I said, 'Obviously your job is in tact, but I don't know how you want to handle work. Maybe you have assisted sober living and not do anything? I really want to know what you think.' He said, 'I really want to work a lot. I love the crew, I feel safe with them. I want to be with people who are good influences.' Our entire season was sort of at Cory's bequest, keeping him busy and active and around people who were good influences. Now that is gone and that's why after we shoot this third episode we're going to do down for an extended hiatus, where we figure out the future of the show because we were really trying to deal with him and take care of him.

Full interview here.


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