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  1. Anyone able to rip/upload the Radio 2 live show in its entirety? Just seeing two clips on Youtube
  2. Hearing that reminded me I had this clip...not sure where from (ripped from some website at some point) and can't quite place the singer, but it's "Can't Stop Me" sung by someone else. Can't Stop Me (Demo Clip)
  3. Clarke

    bye bye

    I'm not sure the story behind it.. I think it was a duo project she was working on in the late 90s. I think it was released independently... at least it shows up on Discogs like that https://www.discogs.com/Mad-Doll-Mad-Doll/release/14035163 I got it from (maybe) Limewire sometime in the mid-2000s
  4. Clarke

    bye bye

    Just remembered I had this...pretty rare. Kara's "Mad DoLL" album, released in 1999. Files aren't the greatest quality but better than nothing! https://mega.nz/folder/cAIzDQKZ#OBqgriUZhwpxGW_PaVyCGg
  5. Clarke

    bye bye

    The "Come Clean" demo...blown away! Taken to another level! Wouldn't hate to hear some of her other demos...anything from Hilary's "Dignity" album, anything she worked on for LIndsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Paris, or Ashley Tisdale. Help us through the quarantine, Kara!
  6. Clarke

    bye bye

    Thank you for these! Counting down the days for "Screwed" demo to leak. Side note: technically "Taking Chances" was a Platinum Weird song before that project fell apart and it was placed with Celine.
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