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  1. Thanks for the blessing, you master of all masters.
  2. I was actually asking you too, since I remember seeing your name and profile pic on the server. And there’s absolutely no reason at all to be shady like that. I am just trying to understand what is happening, ‘cause I really enjoyed being on the PHF server and had no reason to think it wasn’t directly affiliated to the forum. I also found this thread, hence why I thought it was okay to ask you. Since (and if) you’re still in the server and you’re an admin in here, couldn’t you help us bringing it up directly on discord?
  3. ^^ Well that’s pretty obvious, but the server is/was way easier and faster to access. What’s actually going on? If the server still exits, what are you talking about?
  4. I’m sorry, but what’s the point of having to be active on both, if I’ve been active at least on one of the two? And why has this mass kick out happened after these many months? I understand that forums and servers might have rules, but finding out of having been kicked out overnight it’s quite disappointing - especially since I’ve been posting a few artworks on the art gallery channel as early as last week (as to say that I’ve actually been active on the server lately)
  5. Could you at least give us a reason why we got kicked out? The ones of us who replied in here surely were not inactive on the server
  6. Exactly, me too, especially on the art channels
  7. omg please, why did we get kicked out 😭 can we get back in?
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