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  1. Someone has to have the iTunes Savvy & Mandy singles on hand SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Praying they put it online. I want to hear "Rumors", "Favorite Song" and have an HQ download of "Save Me" Music gods grant my wish. 

    1. reignofemery


      Why did Savvy & Mandy take these down. I'm in PAIN


  2. Anyone remember Savvy and Mandy? Just remembered 'Waiting for the Heartbreak' and how much it SLAPPED

  3. Hey everyone! Name's Emerson! (You can call me Em if you want) I made an account here a few years ago wanting to be more active, but of course, things happened. Never got the chance to be active, forgot about my account until recently, and now I am back!! I am 25 and a recent college grad. I'm a huge rock + metal fan, but I also have a soft spot for EDM, Indie, and Pop especially. I have a lot of Queens that it would take too long to list them all, so just ask if you want to know. I love making friends and chatting about music and finding new stuff to listen to!! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I am excited to start being more active on this site! Much love

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