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  1. wonkeydonkey88

    Spice Girls

    Well no it isn't their fault. However, when it was quite obvious they were going to do a world tour, it's a bit unfair on UK fans that people from countries they were clearly going to tour in decide to get tickets and I think there should have been a presale for fans. They could have announced all the dates at the same time or separated the UK dates out a bit rather than on the day !
  2. wonkeydonkey88

    Spice Girls

    Many thanks for that link. I was looking for tickets for any of the Manchester dates tbh.
  3. wonkeydonkey88

    Spice Girls

    Two of my friends tried to get tickets, one put her details in and got an error and the other one was stuck in a queue. So no tickets for me and my friends ­čś× I think it's bit annoying there was no presale for real fans and that people from outside the UK were allowed to buy them, particularly when they are doing a world tour. I'm hoping they announce more UK dates but I think it's unlikely so here's hoping for a decent dvd release, remastered and expanded albums or even new music of some sort. Not impressed!
  4. wonkeydonkey88

    Spice Girls

    I agree with you but most of their music has disappeared from iTunes, spotify so it could mean we're actually getting them remastered (finally). I think as singles boxset with all the mixes would be great too.
  5. wonkeydonkey88

    Spice Girls

    I'm ready for whatever is coming
  6. wonkeydonkey88

    Spice Girls

    I think the whole thing is a mess currently UNLESS they are all saying different things to confuse us then they might surprise us with a reunion.
  7. wonkeydonkey88

    Spice Girls

    I wish they would just remaster their albums and make them deluxe editions! Concept: CD 1 - Original album + B Sides CD2 - Classic Remixes - maybe some new ones too CD3 - Unreleased demos, tracks, remixes Simple ! Other than that I love them. Melanie C has a new album on the way, potentially by the end of the year. She says it's different from Version of Me but she's working with a well known producer but she hasn't said who.
  8. wonkeydonkey88


    No problem and hello to you too :-)
  9. wonkeydonkey88


    Hi everyone wonkeydonkey88 here - I'm new here. I'm into all sorts of music, I came here after a recommendation for music trading purposes and accessing some rare/unreleased music without leaking! :-)

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