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  1. Aw, thanks! I've been visiting here for a while even before posting so I'm just glad to be able to give something back for all the help I've gotten here!
  2. Of course! Here's what I've got. I believe everything in here is OG quality - at worst, a couple of the Soundcloud ones might be slightly off, since it's harder to tell when everything's all at the standard 128. Also, most of the Tumblr leaks were either 160 or 192, with the notable exception of "Don't Stop", which seems to have been re-encoded to 320. It's the only one I've never found, unless that's just how it was leaked. A couple highlights: - "So What" OG leak file at 256kbps. I've never seen it anywhere outside where I got it from so I don't think many people have it. - "L
  3. Just saw those! "Midnight Somewhere" sounds absolutely phenomenal! The "BTRchive" is a must... been saying it for years I have to listen to them closer but one part with Kendall singing sounded like "...right on the tip of your tongue" so maybe it was that one? It's a little hard to make out, but it sounds like a jam!
  4. https://dbree.org/v/462573 I only have this snippet, which was leaked way back in 2011. It's not the craziest thing ever but it's kind of rare! Would be cool to get the full version someday.
  5. Hey guys, this is my first post here! There isn’t a lot of info or talk about Big Time Rush’s unreleased songs, so I wanted to share all the information I have, and also so we can have a thread to talk about them! I’ve mainly been using PRO repertories such as ASCAP, SGAE, GEMA, etc. to gather info, but some titles also come from interviews, tweets, writer/producer websites, all over the place, really. I hope this is useful for anyone else who likes them! I used Underclass King’s list of unreleased Avril Lavigne songs on Avril Bandaids as a template for the list format. If anyone has any
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