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    Charli XCX's Scrapped Album 14 Leaks!

    Charli XCX (2)

    Great news for Charli fans out there! Her entire debut album, 14, has leaked online!

    The album was first leaked by a member of PopHatesFags earlier today. It contains all fourteen songs (see what she did there?) in wav format and shows off a more acoustic, rock and roll side of Charli's artistry.

    14 was originally recorded back in 2008, when Charli herself was only fourteen (we're sensing a theme here), although by the time it was releasd she was fifteen. The album never saw a wide release, but was distributed amongst Charli's friends and as a demo CD for press before a full release was cancelled.

    On the album, Charli said:

    I was 14 when I recorded this album and fifteen when it was released in 2008. The songs I write are about my mates and experiences. I play all the instruments and do all the singing, including the backing vocals. My drumming is a bit shit so sorry for any mistakes (eeeeek!) I just got Darren (rude-boi !!) my producer, to drum on 'Lucy'. My influences at the moment are Hadoucken!; Kate Nash; Justice; Crystal Castles; Calvin Harris and things like afro-beatz and other jamz (brrrrrap!!). Also thanks to Lily Allen for having the balls to show us how it's done. If the whole world was a tortoise I'd have eight wheels".

    See! Charli is a true hipster! She even knew who Calvin Harris was when Rihanna hadn't even heard of him!

    Download the full album below, and don't forget to check out the forums to discuss the album and thank whoever leaked it.

    Download: Charli XCX - 14 (Part 1)

    Download: Charli XCX - 14 (Part 2)

    Download: Charli XCX - 14 (Part 3)

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