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Petition for Lady Gaga to release ARTPOP Act II

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On 4/8/2021 at 3:16 PM, 808Dream said:

Omg I don't even want to know what that is, won't Google it cause I know my heart would break again. 

Animals are pure innocence and owe respect and protection.

We won't get rid of all these new shitty deseases coming up until we won't stop slaughtering, caging, beating, skinning or eating anything moving on this phucking planet. 

I agree! We need to treat animals with the respect they deserve.

But at the same time, I eat meat and dairy so I'm definitely part of the problem as well. After having this conversation though I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to eat much less when I can <3 

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I can't believe it but this actually kinda worked!

On Tuesday Gaga talked about Act II for the first time since it was cancelled:

ARTPOP producer DJ White Shadow then confirmed he had talked to Gaga and they were planning to meet up to discuss plans once she had finished filming House of Gucci in Italy!


At this point I'm less interested in Act II and more interested in her more recent tracks like 'Frankenstein'. I also worry that if she hypes this up too much we'll get another ARTPOP all over again when people realize these songs are actually just messy trap demos from 2013.

BUT, of course I would love to hear any unreleased material from her! And I would be totally down for a surprise drop with no hype or promo about it. If only R Kelly wasn't cancelled so we could see the unreleased 'Do What U Want' video. :yeah: 

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24 minutes ago, Skinny Legend said:

I'm sure you're right. At best she may leak something like she did with the Aura demo!

I would love nothing else than this. It's true that it's very unlikely she will release the album, but at least she could bless us leaking the studio form of those tracks! 

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