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Special Physical Releases

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I wanted to start a thread where people could report upcoming physical releases. I didn't even realize Allie X had reissued both CollXtions and ofc by the time I checked her site, they were completely sold out. All artists are welcome here, feel free to report on special CD releases, vinyl releases, deluxe bundles, everything!

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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia (Moonlight Edition) (The Remix Album) (Feat. Blessed Madonna & Dababy) (2021 Release) (Deluxe Edition) will be coming out soon! It has all the same tracks as the original album and a remix with Lil Yachty but not the new single that's coming out tomorrow.

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Rina announced a special gold vinyl for the deluxe edition of SAWAYAMA! I pre-ordered it yesterday, can't wait! :excited:

I also caved and ordered a few other things:

  • Billie's new album from Walmart that has a special sandy light brown/dirty gold pressing.
  • Selena's Rare, double LP from her website
  • Chromatica picture LP
  • Kylie Minogue - Real Groove green vinyl has been delayed

And now I'm debating if I should pick up Olivia Rodrigo's Target vinyl. I quite like the look, but not sure how I'm honestly feeling about an entire album of her sad bitch hour songs. I love me a sad bitch anthem, but a whole album might be a little much.

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