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Fifth Harmony (+ soloists) (+ unreleased infopost)

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hey harmonizers! I couldn't find a fifth harmony artist page here, I thought may as well make one of these for us to discuss Fifth Harmony + hopefully the current soloists (Lauren Normani Dinah Ally) cause I dont imagine a solo page for these four doing well. regardless this can be for the group only or in addition the soloists whatever the people choose. so lets discuss fifth harmony!

also I thought I might do another unreleased infopost cause I need to sort mine + they had a lot of snippets + info. plus the rumours are true their unreleased is better than their released (fuck epic)  :fishie: so imma keep track of them here + a section in here for the soloists too (I could imagine a few people would use this for sorting or general info cause I like to be detailed and theres alot the general fandom isnt aware of that I came across)

I know they been dead for a while, but I still stan them as solo artists and interesting to see how they've diversified and whats next Lauren's coming soon!! ive always been a big fan cause they were my introduction to music really they're the first artist I ever became a fan of when I was like 13 in 2015, and for about 2 years they're basically all I listened to so the nostalgia bond is tight. we got two leaks last year out of nowhere so lets hope theres more + they recorded a shit ton as a group at one point it was 5 songs a day.


Fifth Harmony Unreleased Infopost

Info: Press the reveal hidden contents text beneath this to reveal.






Key: | Full HQ | Snippet | No Snippet or Audio Full LQ/ Live Performance | * Not Intended For The Album However Recorded During The Era | Fake Notes: *Still in development **Purely informational/educational all information here is reporting on publicly availible information ***there are no links to illegal streams or downloads


Better Together


Anything Could Happen - A studio recording of a song they performed on X-Factor. It is unknown if this was at any point intended for Better Together.

Better Days - From the same session as ‘No Boys Allowed’.

Drown On Solid Ground - First teased by the producer Mark J Feist on twitter 2014, describing the song as 'mid-up tempo and the beat is crazy' Full demo leaked

Me & My Girls (Demo) - A snippet was posted by dinah on twitter. Producers:  // Writers:  . Demo | 1 |

Magic - Registered alongside other Better Together songs. The songs arist is registered as ‘Madison Beer’, suggesting she may have been handed the song as they shared the same label and planned to release it, before being dropped. All 5 girls have writing credits on the song. Producers:  // Writers:  .

No Boys Allowed - A snippet was leaked by leaks5h. From the same session as ‘Better Days’.

One Of These Days (a.k.a. American Crime) - recordings of performances by the songwriter are on YouTube. Producers:  // Writers:  .

One Wish - Target bonus track on physical copies of Better Together. Performed many times.

Talk To Me - A snippet was leaked by leaks5h. Producers:  // Writers:  . Demo | 1 |

Tellin' Me - performed across 5 tours yet lacks a release or studio leak. However ally brookes friend onairjake, who leaked all studio snippets in 2015, has the full demo and has promised to leak it in full one day. The song was confirmed by Dinah to supposed to be released for ‘Reflection’, however it was scrapped due to the direction of the record being changed. Currently we know of two mixes, one where Camila leads the chorus (Dinah posted on twitter) and one where Ally leads the chorus (The one onairjake has). On live versions of the song, Dinah sings the first verse instead of Lauren. Producers:  // Writers:  . Demo | 1 | | 3 |


Unknown Song 1 (a.k.a. What More Could You Ask For?) - 

Boyfriend - 

Who Can I Run To? - 

Tinderella - 


Monies (feat. Tory Lanez)

Fools Like Us


Fifth Harmony



Young & Beautiful - It is unknown when this was recorded or for what purpose as it wasn’t their usual personnel, however it is speculated to have been recorded during Better Together era, if not Reflection. The full song leaked in 2016.

Me & My Girls - although released as a single, the song lacks a proper release. It is only available on iTunes worldwide (outside of the U.K.) and Japanese editions of reflection. It was also not on the physical editions of Better Together.


If These Walls Could Talk

Soloist Unreleased Infopost


Ally Brooke

Camila Cabello

Dinah Jane

Lauren Jauregui

Normani Kordei


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40 minutes ago, freedombylj said:

Yay check out my comp (fanmade album) w all of those official studio scraps, not recordings or snips here:




idk if i should put this one here or... well u get me

Idk where my original file is, and this isn’t mine, but there’s an untagged version of Young and Beautiful available now. 



I do have the HQ somewhere. 

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13 minutes ago, freedombylj said:

untagged where lmao i still hear the tag

Hahahaha wtf I literally have the untagged on my phone, and that one is the file on my iTunes. 

The untagged is on that SoundCloud. 
idk wtf I have. 

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