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Exposing Unreleased, Angelsky, Crownx and many more alts...

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So this dates back quite a long time. I have found out from friends and h**king about the user Unreleased. Who I thought I needed to expose now. Unreleased goes on pophatesflop as ‘AngelSky.’ On Leake

What the actual fuck is all this? I swear, I leave for a few hours and I come back to this trading drama bullshit. This topic has more pages than most of our albums threads. If y'all spent this m

This tea is piping hot

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1 minute ago, believe said:

Ah thanks, glad you saved us a job. Pls in future. Don’t lie or mess with people

We never lied or messed up with people, u know why u did all this, u said sorry to me a thousand times for no reason, anwyays we aint dealing on this unreleased world anymore

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