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What happened to the PHF Discord?

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6 hours ago, DerpGa said:

idk why you got this rude attitude being nice doesn't cost you a thing....

Don't take it personally, most of us here are just direct or ignorant. Joan is a perfect example of this ignorance. (I legit respect her him? It's really impressive.)

As for your dilemma, I presented options, including welcoming y'all to stay here and be active here. Again, yeah, it sucks y'all got kicked from the Discord server, but like @Skinny Legend said, the PHF discord server operates independently from the forum, so there's no sense in questioning people here about it. @Charlie91xo is a great example of someone who's found a home in both places and without the server, still has here as a fallback. You also have people like @Zach posting amazing artwork if that's your avenue.

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@Skinny Legend We should take a poll and see how many users were active on the Discord server, but not active on the forum.

Exactly, me too, especially on the art channels 

You're asking the wrong person. As you'd know if you'd spent more than five minutes on the forum, the Discord is not officially affiliated with us and I have no idea what goes on there. You'll have to

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The way I was in the Discord, too, and I just now realized that I'm not in it anymore bc I went looking for it and realized. But like... why do you care that much? It's a silly little internet chatroom. You can find a new place to lurk pretty easily? Disboard has loads of servers for you to choose from to join. They did mention on the server that they would be removing people, so why is anyone surprised?

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