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Hopefully this is the right section for this looking through other titles and searching through topic titles and description and not seeing a thread for camila. If I’m wrong y’all can move the thread to appropriate section :F

ive been in my camila era for a few months and I know there are quite a few camilizers especially here so let’s talk Camila! Rn she’s a little inactive so maybe this would be more useful in the future but thought it would be a cool idea even for now. I’m excited for Cinderella!


Oh and I thought about maybe keeping track of her unreleased here with all the info I’ve gathered over the years cause I’m bored jobless gay have no life and wanna keep track! Plus I’ve been in the fandom since 2015 so I could add smth maybe I’ll do it here under spoilers lol (if imma do it it’ll be pretty trust me) y’all can contribute to it also. 

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i really liked romance such an amazing album the song rollout was so messy and suddenly she stoped promoting it bc of the virus she said the tour is rescheduled but what really happened is that shows got cancelled and she never said anything about it which imo is kinda weird but overall romance deserved better

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