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Camila Cabello (+ unreleased infopost)

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I know there are quite a few camilizers especially here so let’s talk Camila! Rn she’s a little inactive so maybe this would be more useful in the future but thought it would be a cool idea even for n

unreleased bought it i think

exactly lmao, it counts some stupid things we listen to, i made a test by changing a rihanna song to the boy title by camila and it counted💀

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43 minutes ago, believe said:

ur welcome everyone :) hope you enjoy the boy and anyone

Thank you so much, you will be an icon from now on.


I hope we actually get TLLAA like that random person said he would do

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thief looks like an angel + more will leak. y'all should be worrying about coulda been yours instead, that song had a snippet leaked half a year ago and nobody can find who has this song or is selling it


im so excited to listen to anyone and the boy, it feels so unreal to me cause its been 2 years in the waiting crazy

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42 minutes ago, quiet said:

thank you to all the fans who bought the songs for everybody
i enjoy them all <3 


Just sad to still not have Taste the feeling and GIAW 

Giaw will never leak

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