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“Miranda Cosgrove” Quietly Returns To Music

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On 9/16/2020 at 1:32 PM, anonymous64629 said:

I’d like to talk about some stuff. I’m leaving my identity anonymous because I could get in serious legal trouble if people know who I am, so if you don’t believe me I really don’t care. I live here in LA and I know a girl that explained to me what happened, she met Miranda on the set of Mission Impossible. Basically, yes, Miranda did post these track. She did not “steal” anybody’s music. There are songs that use vocal samples, but it is very much illegal to put a feature for another artist when you are simply using samples and you will get hit with a cease and desist letter. So she cannot put, on songs that use vocal samples, the name of the artist who did so. Valley Of The Dolls was originally recorded around 2015. From what I’m told her record label treated her like garbage and the project wasn’t finished. Miranda tried to go indie with the same songs plus some new ones but:

1. The songs recorded in 2015 still belong to Sony.

2. She didn’t have the legal right to use Strangers, which was not featuring Selena Gomez. It’s a scrapped song and they left her background vocals.

3. The “remix” for disgusting is just the original demo track, which also featured Pharrell as a producer. Kesha was more than happy to let Miranda use her vocals but Dr. Luke is an asshole and still owns part of the rights to that song. 

Long story short, Miranda took down the track because her hands are tied by Sony, Nick, Dr. Luke etc etc. Im also being told her manager called her a terrible singer.

She’s 100% aware of the tracks resurfacing on here, but she doesn’t really care. Especially because most of the shitty contracts she’s been on is because of Dan Schneider. 

For legal reasons she cannot publicly comment however none of the songs were ever registered with BMI to my understanding so they don’t have much. 

I could go on all day about that mess but I really don’t feel like it. But this is the reason Miranda isn’t really interested in fame & has no desire whatsoever to become an a-list singer. 


Selena recorded strangers?

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