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Official PHF Discord Server

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Over a year onwards and it's still popping daily! Be sure to join and take part in things like our weekly megarates by @liberation if you already haven't 

Over the past few months we've had a fair few requests for PHF to have it's own official Discord server, as well as a bunch of leaks that have happened because of messy people playing songs on other s

like Younger Now 

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58 minutes ago, MileyMadUK said:

Is the discord still live as I just tried to login and it goes to a parking page for the https://phfdiscord.com/ URL. 

I can log into my other Discord groups so I know it isnt discord thats down and I would not think I have been banned or blocked as I haven't done anything wrong or upset anyone?

Apparently inactive members got removed. I got removed too. :(

Does anyone know how to get in again?

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Nobody was banned from the server, Liberation had kicked inactive people who didn't speak or had spoke once in a blue moon many many months ago, most of them requesting something or looking for unreleased.
With over 1,000 members and not even a quarter of them being active/partaking in server discussion etc, the server was needing a long overdue server clean up as we believe quality over quantity and want it to be the pop music server it was created for, and not just another place to beg for leaks and trade unreleased.
With that said, the server invites were closed and will stay closed until the server has finished it's clean up and put some rules in place to keep and make it tidy and active for the right reasons.
If you were active in the server and did speak and had been kicked, message me your @ and we can check and reinvite you to the server, as Liberation said he had problems with the search function.

When they reopen, it'll be posted here. So keep an eye on here and feel free to be active on the forum too!

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