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Lady Gaga - The Unreleased Collections

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One of the singers who have amazing unreleased gems definitely is Lady Gaga. I've found out there are a bunch of them (mostly from the The Fame sessions), so I decided to arrange them and upload them here for you, trying to collect the best qualities I could find for you all (or at least they are no YouTube rips). Additionally, there was no masterpost for her music (or at least I haven't found it, but I searched for long time), and I could also upload her released albums if you want me to do so.

First, we have the The Fame sessions, which yielded to the creation of many files. I called this compilation Filthy Pop, and it contains songs like a title track, "Panty Party", "Glitter and Grease", "Retro Physical", and others. 14 in total.

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you can download it.

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Track listing:

01. Filthy Pop

02. Panty Party

03. Blueberry Kisses

04. Dirty Ice Cream

05. Oh Well

06. Glitter & Grease

07. Retrosexual

08. Ribbons

09. Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)

10. New York

11. Sexy Ugly

12. Retro Physical

13. Kandy Life

14. Again Again [it was released on some editions of The Fame, but most of them don't include it]


From The Fame, there were tons of sessions. A proof of this is the next compilation: Rockshow. It is based on the unofficial bootleg Disco Heaven: The Fame B=2.0, which was sold in few countries ahead the release of The Fame. I just removed songs that were included in deluxe editions of The Fame, like "Disco Heaven", "Paper Gangsta", "Big Girl Now" and the remixes for "Poker Face", "Eh, Eh" and "Just Dance". The rest are practically the same.

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you can download it.

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Track listing:

01. Intro

02. Fashion

03. No Floods

04. Vanity

05. Fancy Pants

06. Wonderful

07. Rockshow

08. Christmas Tree (feat. Space Cowboy)

09. Shake Ur Kitty

10. Fever

11. Let Love Down

12. Wish You Were Here

13. Words


Then, we move on to the sessions for The Fame Monster, and personally, the best of unreleased are here. I named this collection Second Time Around and includes the title track, "Reloaded", "Freakshow" (which was from The Fame sessions, but I think it fits more here), "Nothing On", "No Way", and an amazing remastered version of Gaga's only-live song "Future Love". 12 tracks are in here. The download link is over

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Track listing:

01. Reloaded (feat. Rodney Jerkins)

02. Superstar (feat. Rodney Jerkins)

03. No Way

04. Second Time Around

05. Out of Control

06. Nothing On (But the Radio)

07. Animal

08. Changing Skies

09. Freakshow

10. Future Love

11. Greatest

12. Earthquake


And the last one I made is the one of the ARTPOP sessions. It is important to note that I took into account songs like "Till It Happens to You" and "Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera)", songs that actually were released, but are non-album tracks. The collection is called (like tons of fanmade collections) ARTPOP: Act II. Definitely, we needed the "Tea" final version leak to have a complete Act II, but it was not possible. Let's hope it someday comes out. I also included a remastered version for "Princess Die" (the one with the vocoder), and a demo for "Mary Jane Holland" (not the 3:10 long; though it says "Original Version", I think it's just a version that was about to be the final, not the earliest one). I excluded the "Ratchet" instrumental because of it; I personally prefer the vocal versions of the tracks, and "Ratchet" didn't receive a companion vocal track, so I kept from putting it in the album. 

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is the download link.

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Track listing:

01. Brooklyn Nights

02. Partynauseous (Kendrick Lamar feat. Lady Gaga)

03. Till It Happens to You

04. Red Flame (feat. DISGASTING Banks)

05. High Princess / Stache (feat. Zedd)

06. Cake (feat. DJ White Shadow)

07. Do What U Want (feat. Christina Aguilera)

08. Mary Jane Holland (Original Version)

09. Princess Die

10. ARTPOP (Remodeled Version) [it actually is the JV Remix of the song. I simply fell in love with it, so I included an edit version of it]

11. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Kendrick Lamar feat. Lady Gaga)

12. I Want Your Love


It turns out that I might be missing some files, like "Stuck on Fuckin' You" and other releases / leaks. Since I didn't find them before, I've decided to upload the eventually upcoming leaks as individual tracks below. And a demo collection is in its way! Coming soon.


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 (Born This Way outtake)

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 (From the Team Love Child sessions, which are Pre-The Fame era)

Enjoy these! And infinite thanks to all of you who helped me organizing this messy log.

NoteBorn This Way did not actually spawn many unreleased songs. I decided to put them in both Second Time Around and ARTPOP: Act II because they would not end up being a complete album by their own.

Note2: I made the artworks for Filthy Pop and Second Time Around. Sorry for the qualities, I just made them for the tag editor, not to be printed. The ARTPOP: Act II was floating over there in the web, so I just took it.

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Finally complete! Well, for now it's update I think. I'd might be uploading more files eventually, but for now this is like the priority to upload.

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Also, Brooklyn Nights and TIHTY could be found in a better quality.

I have a messy folder with gaga music. Here it is. It is not updated tho cause I didn't really collect her latest leaks,

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4 hours ago, MelaniesPlayground said:

:yaskween: You're welcome for the tracks I sent btw :hottie:

Thank you so much for them boo, they were highly useful :yaskween: 

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3 hours ago, Goddess said:

does anybody have that lq demo of till it happens to you that leaked before the song?

I didn't even know about its existence! If I ever get to find it, I'll upload it along with some demos I have floating in my laptop haha

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2 hours ago, Tweener said:

Thank you! Can't wait for the update


You're welcome boo <3 well, and about the other files, thank you so much! Maybe I mispelled my own words in the thread. I meant the files with the best quality I happened to obtain, but infinite thanks for your contribution! I really appreciate it :yeah: 

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17 minutes ago, MelaniesPlayground said:

:cackle: Do these everyday, we got We Are Plastic, No Way in .WAV & Black Jesus demo :hottie:

No Way in .wav leaked a while ago, that's how I got mine and put it in the Second Time Around collection :sassy: however, I'll upload the Black Jesus demo along with many demos (leaked :yeah:) I have from hers

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6 hours ago, Goddess said:

can someone try to filter the acapella for black jesus demo?

The instrumental for the actual song don't fit with the demo version, so it's not possible to do so, unless the instrumental for the demo somehow leaks :yeah: 

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