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Bonnie McKee - Epic Album (Shelved)

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4 minutes ago, Moonchild said:

Maybe. But it's funny how it all comes back. With that info about the album being titled SGGH and it being mentioned in that website, that's how this thread started.

I wonder if Bonnie will speak out against the people who held her back, against her label that dropped her!!?

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ok grandma let's get you back to bed

I adore Bonnie, and have been a diehard fan of hers forever, but I think one of the biggest things holding her back is constantly comparing herself to her peers. She had a record deal, then lost it. S

Ok, so I'm adding ALL the songs registered on Bonnie's ASCAP/BMI to the list because I get the impression y'all really like the encyclopedic information regarding song credits and release dates and al

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1 hour ago, onewish said:

Just a question… this album was mastered and finished right? To this day, on Justin Hergett’s website, there is a Bonnie McKee album listed called ‘Bonnie McKee - Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt’ where Justin is credited as a ‘assistant mixer’, alongside exclusively finished and released albums.


just noticed gold by neon is in there could be just the song (SBGGH) it self?

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1 hour ago, onewish said:

I can live without right now. I will be over the moon if she actually releases an album. I only just wish my favourite song to be on it, I wanna fucking call you, I will never complain again otherwise :flush:

right now seemed to be the most forgotten one for me at least idk about everyone else?

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So, i wanted to share the tracklist, that I'm using so far:

01. American Girl / 02. Hot City / 03. Waking Up Diagonal 

04. I Wanna Fucking Call You / 05. Rewind Your Heart / 06. Everything But You

07. Restless (I know it's not from the epic sessions, but it fits, i think) / 08. S.L.A.Y. / 09. Electric Heaven

10. Somebodys Gonna Get Hurt / 11. I Can Still Dance / 12. Stars In Your Heart

It flows very nice. I'm still not sure about the order of the first three songs and propably change it again when/if "new" tracks leak. I listened to the live version of Forever21 for the first time yesterday and wow, that song is amazing.

But I could live with this album and pretend, that this is "it". I ommited Jennys Got A Boyfriend, because the remix doesn't fit with the overall sound and the sample in the OG is just so annoying to me. 

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Ah and I read the last few pages. Some people were writing about Bonnies music apart from the Epic sessions. She has so, so, sooo many bops. California Winter should be what All I Want For Christmas Is You is. Let's not even start about the Bombastic EP... HER MIND. Mad Mad World is the anthem that got away. And then her unreleased discography; Diamonds, In The Wild, East Side Boys (with miss fucking genius SOPHIE), Always On My Mind (!), Stud Muffin, Trash Television, Stay Lonely Get Paid. Most of it is fantastic and I really recommend everyone to look into her unreleased (and ofc released) material. 

I have to admit, that I know basically all her songs except for the debut album. I think I listened to it once or twice back it in 2013/2014 but I dont remember any of it.

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14 hours ago, Lukeb said:


Thanks for sharing this, I've used it as a guide to sort my collection. I've added some notes where I've put these tracks, but it may not be right. I have a few more not on list list too I don't know where to put.

Is Hush Hush really not Bonnie?

East Side Boy (feat. SOPHIE) - 2019
Hallelujah 2016-2018
Hasta La Vista 2019
Head On 2008-2011
Hey Alligator 2016-2018
Never Forget You (feat. Ava Max) - 2016
Stay Lonely Get Paid 2019-2020
Thunder (Demo) - 2006-2008
To Find You - Before 2014
When Doves Cry 2016-2018



Catching Feelings

Déjà Vu

Light Up the Night

Trash Television


Word Up (feat. Trinidad James)

Boy Hangover



I Get What I Want

Legends Only



Kick Your Shoes Off

I only listed what I have. Any chance you could please send me a download of the ones I was missing? 🙂

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