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Bonnie McKee - Epic Album (Shelved)

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I think that i found the name of the album that Bonnie did with Epic. I was doing a little research about Bonnie and i found this engineer's website, there's a list of albums that he mixed and we

I hear posting things on SoundCloud is free.  

I'm sorry, but that is stupid.  We have to get away from this Rediculous - "We Can't do anything because it might offend someone" - mentality.  Yes we are in a "Sensitive" (Brought on by ourselves) ti

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Another Summer and still no album.

Can someone just leak all her shit, we’re at 9 fucking years of “my album is coming this summer!” I’m not surprised but I also just want an album especially these epic songs already.

The way she’s working & with all her personal problems she’s NEVER going to be happy with them & release them.

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18 minutes ago, kidsindespair said:

this bitch told a fan that the summer album is now a winter album and i KNOW this bitch is lying

can someone just leak all her epic shit im TIREDT

I cannot stand at her with "yeah, i'm working on the album" and shit. Bitch I cannot stand it. It's not true, who takes more than ten years working in the same thing? I guess she is just writing whenever she feels like it - which is not bad. The bad thing is to promise things she won't finish at the time she says. I wonder why would she think it is a good idea to keep promising an album that will not arrive.

I second the Epic songs getting leaked. I'm almost 100% sure she is not releasing them at all, so why wouldn't we get them?

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she's allegedly working on them, but i feel like she has such HIGH expecations that it's driving her insane at this point she needs to release them as is just to kill that hype and have something ready to come after.

she herself is making it harder for her to come back with all these empty promises and high expecations she wont meet.

bad girls was complete trash and these fucking ass kissing fans are lying to her telling her it's good

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