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Bonnie McKee - Epic Album (Shelved)


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44 minutes ago, schami66 said:

She wasted the momentum she had last year. She should have done a lot of things.

I think it's mostly the fault of Epic that she's not able to release anything but who knows... 


Both. They haven't granted her the rights to all of the songs, but also... She shouldn't have announced the album if she still doesn't have the rights to release everything in it.

It would've been more palatable for us as fans if she waited until complete green light to announce and start the momentum she had last year after having granted the rights for the songs.

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Let’s be real, Bonnie could’ve released the album at any point, from when the demos first started leaking in December 2020 to now. It wouldn’t matter. The bulk of her sales would’ve only come from a small group of dedicated stans on this forum and places like it. Like, I’m sure pop culture aficionados would give it a stream or two, but the number of people who would actually support Bonnie is very, very small. It just makes me wonder if she calculated the costs and decided it wouldn’t be worth the time, money, and effort to buy back the masters and put them on streaming?

Ultimately, I just wish she would be honest with us and let us know what her plans are. It’s frustrating to constantly be left in the dark like this. 

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22 hours ago, zaynphallic said:

So is it safe to assume that Bonnie's given up on the Epic album release entirely? When the leaks started to trickle out she was very quick to have them removed from YouTube (especially "SLAY" in particular), but I just noticed the entire album has been up since August?! :ohwell:

Knowing her personality and how inconsistent she can be when it comes to following through with releasing things, I wouldn't be surprised if she feels like the moment has passed. It's incredibly frustrating as this is genuinely one of the best pop albums of all time and it deserves a proper polished release. I hope I'm wrong and hope she's still working on things behind the scenes, but she's been super quiet as of late.

I still, for the life of me, can't understand why she hasn't released SOMETHING in the past few years (not counting random Christmas and Halloween features 👻). It's been almost 4 YEARS since her last proper single release. She still has a strong monthly listener base on Spotify. She should be drip-feeding tracks from that 2019 album while she sorts the Epic stuff out.

Remember when she said she was going independent so she could release music more frequently?! :cackle:

Anyway, end rant. The life of a Bon Bon is truly a cursed existence.

This is what's most frustrating to me. I can buy the excuses for not releasing the Epic album, because it makes sense that she would have trouble getting the rights to do it. But there's no reason for her to not be releasing the songs she has produced on her own, which I personally enjoy as much as the ones from the Epic era. She said in an interview somewhere that she intended to use TikTok to promote her music. Well, she had a viral TikTok video with almost 5 million views last September about her career, and she has done nothing with it. I don't understand what exactly is she waiting for.

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9 hours ago, napoleon said:

But there's no reason for her to not be releasing the songs she has produced on her own, which I personally enjoy as much as the ones from the Epic era.


She has MANY songs that are not from the EPIC sessions that are fantastic. She should release something but maybe she gave up on being a popstar. I would love if she just talked about whats going on with her (...) career right now.

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