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Bonnie McKee - Epic Album (Shelved)


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46 minutes ago, nanapop99 said:

Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt is indeed from the same session as American Girl & Sleepwalker. She played a snippet of that song and another one called "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" back in 2013. I really hope that the Epic album will eventually leak since she's won't be releasing anything new before 2035. :cackle:

We definitely need the damn Epic album. I want it asap. Thanks for explaining!

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On 10/25/2018 at 3:49 AM, nanapop99 said:

It has been ages and yet she decides to release Sleepwalker as a single, 4 years later! :tanya:

I'll die as a sad gay without listening to I Wanna Fucking Call You studio version tbh :yeah:

She only just released 'Sleepwalker' as an official single? :cackle: Well that proves she at least has the rights to all her older songs!

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9 hours ago, kidsindespair said:

so apprently she said SGGH & DGMGE were never finished and were only concept snips. we been knew she's a liar

and that she's not releasing the mad mad world video

so at this point can anyone with the epic songs leak them so we can have the album, like we've waited long enough

When did she evert say that? I remember watching that video with JoJo Wright in her studio where she played snippets of the two songs but I'm pretty sure she never said that they were only concepts snips.

And she probably won't release the Mad Mas World mv because she lost her hard-drive or something :cackle:

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