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Bonnie McKee - Epic Album (Shelved)

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ok grandma let's get you back to bed

I adore Bonnie, and have been a diehard fan of hers forever, but I think one of the biggest things holding her back is constantly comparing herself to her peers. She had a record deal, then lost it. S

Ok, so I'm adding ALL the songs registered on Bonnie's ASCAP/BMI to the list because I get the impression y'all really like the encyclopedic information regarding song credits and release dates and al

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2 hours ago, bearsbummer said:

that's not true??? 

and yeah, she DID record it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tHOQALUPU_2aorvUNZFSE2AvnRgJbecf/view?usp=sharing

if you listen to the one on YouTube from 10 years ago, it's not the same.

But this is identical to the Myspace demo from 2009. The YouTube link is just a LQ version of the recording. Same vocal take. So the 2013 re-recorded version (if there's one) remains unreleased.

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1 minute ago, jamesmax said:

This is Modern Girl. It might be on her new album?


I love the 80s vibes of this. She needs to drop an album with this style, it would work very well! Now hopefully this does not leak so she can release it :cry: 

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