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Official Miley Cyrus Thread

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10 hours ago, mxtt said:

Good call!! Just went to look and you’re right. I noticed during the performance she kept doing this thing with her tongue over her teeth, and the band members have a face mask with that same tongue over lip thing. I wonder if that’ll be a symbol for the album or if I’m just overthinking it lol

Either way I’m looking forward to it! I hope they sound more disco-y. As much as I enjoyed a few of those leaks I think Midnight Sky is a good restarting point.

Oh interesting, I didn't notice that! I mean it's similar to the tongue things she was doing back at the 2013 VMA's right? But like with her tongue pointing up instead of down? :stretcher: She's really showing growth! Maybe we are overthinking this...

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Here's my favorite Miley photoshoot of all time. It's for her album Can't Be Tamed. Such a queen.

Throwback to this 17-year-old angel performing her song "When I Look At You" at her SOLD-OUT, WORLDWIDE Wonder World Tour.

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