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Scam Reporting Thread

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5 minutes ago, MichaelDCoogan said:

So the alleged song you have is Britney? Fake news it is a Myah song she recorded and demoed, I asked you because I literally asked someone about it and they played me myahs demo so I asked you for a clip of britneys and you started this entire unnecessary rant, st this stage you and that other user are the same person you both have the same aggressive mannerisms and lash out at anyone when something doesn’t suit you. Again never acknowledge me again. 

You’re dumb. Leave me alone and stop messaging my dm. Bye

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Earlier this year I was scammed into listening to the music of Allie X. I was promised by several members I once considered friends that she was spectacular and that I should put my feelings towards t

i'd like to report a scam kerli fans spent $25 on a physical copy of her yet-to-be-released album and now she's using the money to build a temple in estonia and she's never releasing her album

@Couture you’re a rat!!

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@Strobe Light is like the biggest piece of shit on this site, tried to trade with them but they insisted i send first without even considering sending at the same time or any kind of compromise. then proceeded to think i'm a catfish named izzy who tries to groom underage boys??? and leaked the snippets i sent saying they're selling the songs??? whatever. stay away from this asshole

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